Provinces and territories

Canada is divided into separate regions called provinces and territories, each with its own government responsible for setting and regulating education standards for schools within its region. As such, authorized schools must register with and adhere to the curriculum and graduation requirements set by the Ministry of Education for their province or territory.

No matter what city or province you choose to study in, you can be assured your program, curriculum, and the degree, diploma or certificate you receive reflects a standard and quality of education that is recognized the world over.

Find a program that is right for you and enjoy the freedom of knowing no matter what school you attend, or in which city or province/territory, you’re getting a quality education you can be proud of!

Discover the many schools available in each province or territory

Want to study abroad in Canada and have a particular region in mind? Maybe you want to experience life on the West Coast with its majestic Rockies, or immerse yourself in French-Canadian culture in the heart of Quebec. Find out what makes each Province or Territory unique and the many schools available for you to choose.