Canadian culture

When you study in Canada, one of the first things you’ll notice is that many of the stereotypes you hear about Canadians are true. For starters, we’re a friendly lot. International students in Canada will tell you that we’re warm and welcoming. We also have a long history of offering a safe home to refugees and immigrants. We’ll go out of our way to do the same for you.

We’re polite, too—so much so that you’ll often hear “sorry” or “excuse me” as someone nudges past you. We’re also curious. Canadians love to ask questions and listen to your stories about life in your home country so, please share and get to know us.

Uniquely Canadian

What makes Canada special? Where do we start?

Democracy and respect for human rights

Canada has a reputation as a peaceful country, committed to democracy and upholding respect for human rights. We’re proud of our place in the world.

Diverse, multicultural society

Today, more than 7 million people in Canada were born elsewhere in the world. That’s 22% of our population! We were the first country in the world to affirm multiculturalism as a fundamental value.

Inclusive, welcoming environments

We work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome in Canada. We value people of all cultures, ages, religions, abilities and talents.

Distinct seasons—4 of them

If you’ve never experienced a light snowfall in winter or watching the flowers bloom on apple trees in spring, you’re in for a treat in Canada.

Outdoor adventure

From hiking the West Coast trail to lobster fishing in the Atlantic and everything in between, Canada is heaven for students like you who love to explore.

Two official languages

English + French = Canada’s two official languages. Add another 200 languages spoken here + 60 Indigenous languagesyou do the math!

Endless possibilities

Canada truly is a land where dreams can come true. The possibilities for your future are endless. Why not try us out for yourself?