Study environment in Canada

What’ll it be like for you as an international student in Canada? Canadian classrooms are diverse and multicultural. You can study in English or French (or both!)—our 2 official languages. And, you’ll find that teachers, instructors and professors are inclusive as well as supportive.  

Discover the study environment in Canada and how our approach to learning encourages students to thrive.

Inclusive, supportive learning environments

Canada is recognized for being a diverse and inclusive country. These are qualities you’ll see reflected in the classroom. We welcome people of all backgrounds, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations and abilities.

Our schools—from elementary to graduate studies—offer the supports students need to succeed. For some, that means extra attention and tutoring to get them through difficult subjects. For others, it might mean special accommodation to manage a condition or disability.

Canadian schools at all levels offer counselling and career services to help guide important decisions and set students on the path to success.

Safe schools, respect in the classroom

Across Canada, school boards, colleges and universities are committed to providing students and teachers safe environments in which to study and work. Safety, security and respect are important hallmarks of the Canadian education system.

Canadian values in education

Canadian classrooms value academic freedom, excellence and innovation. The quality of Canadian teaching at all levels is high. As a student in Canada, you’ll be encouraged to conduct original research and to share your ideas on important issues in your field of study. You’ll work collaboratively with other students, teachers, instructors and professors. All of this provides endless possibilities for your personal and professional growth—preparing you for the workplace and a successful career.

A typical day in a Canadian classroom

Find out what a typical day is like for international students at Canadian schools, colleges and universities. Our elementary school classrooms enrich students, while high schools offer rigorous academics combined with special programs that prepare teens for their future careers. At college and university, students benefit from a world-class education with Canada’s renowned professors, researchers and instructors.