NSCC’s culinary arts class brings diversity to the dinner table

September 4, 2019 – Canada is a country that prides itself on its cultural, religious and linguistic pluralism. For this reason, it is perhaps no surprise that Canadian classrooms are becoming increasingly more diverse.

A recent news article reveals that roughly half the students enrolled in the culinary arts program at the Nova Scotia Community College identify as either international, black, Canadian or Indigenous.

“The diversity makes me feel so much more comfortable in the program,” says first-year culinary student Mengxin Liao. “I’m always learning something new and we do not have to make local food or traditional Canadian food only.”

Given the classroom diversity, students feel comfortable learning from one another and experimenting with traditional recipes and dishes native to countries such as India, China, Italy and Korea.

The academic chair for the culinary arts program at NSCC, Andrew Stevens, states that culturally-diverse classrooms promote a more inclusive learning environment that enhance the experience of faculty, students and staff.

“Diversity is an asset to culinary programs, especially in terms of the recipes and the culture the students are able to bring to the classroom, to the curriculum, and also in terms of social norms and culture around education and learning."

Read the article on CBC News to learn more about how Canadian educational institutions are becoming a reflection of Canada’s cultural mosaic: NSCC culinary arts class showcases cultural diversity.