Celebrating the 2020 International Day of Education!

January 24, 2020 – EduCanada celebrates the International Day of Education.

The International Day of Education reminds us that every child, regardless where they are born, language or economic class, has the fundamental right to access a fair quality education. It also serves to "honour education and its centrality to human well-being and sustainable development"[1]. Education is not only the enabler of success for an individual, but for a society as a whole. It empowers people to fight poverty and inequality, contributes to environmental conservation, fosters sustainable development and prosperity, and promotes tolerance and peace[2].

In Canada, we are proud to provide Canadian and international students an education that meets the highest standards of quality. International students choose to pursue their university studies in Canada because of the diversity of cultures at Canadian education institutions, highly qualified teachers, postgraduate career opportunities, and affordable education.

Come to Canada and find the study program that’s right for you. From learning environments led by industry-leading educators with opportunities to gain Canadian work experience, to staying and working after graduation, Canada offers endless education possibilities.

Watch the video below to discover what Canada has to offer:

Study in Canada – A world of possibilities awaits

To ensure that everyone has access to an education that lives up to their ambitions, EduCanada awards generous scholarships every year. Find out more about new and upcoming scholarships at scholarships.gc.ca. There are several new scholarship programs launching in the coming months, so stay tuned!

On this important day, we encourage you to participate in events around the world to highlight the importance of education in the world we live in.

Let's give everyone the right to learn!

EduCanada provides you everything you need to study in Canada:

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