Work and stay in Atlantic Canada

Gaining valuable work experience in Atlantic Canada during and after your studies can go a long way towards helping you establish business contacts for the future, and even help you temporarily work or permanently immigrate to Atlantic Canada after graduation.

Work while you study

Did you know that as an international student in Atlantic Canada you may be eligible to work on or off campus while you study? Also, many Canadian colleges and universities offer co-op and internship programs so that students can gain relevant work experience in their field of study.

Work after graduation

There are a number of programs that can help facilitate the process of working in Atlantic Canada after graduation for eligible candidates. For information on options available to you after completing your studies, visit EduCanada’s page on working after graduation.

Atlantic Canada Study and Stay program

The Atlantic Canada Study and Stay™ program is for motivated international students who are committed to living, working, and contributing to communities in Atlantic Canada.

Each Atlantic province (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador) will offer a province-wide program that connects international students to the labour market and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Find out more about the Atlantic Canada Study and Stay™ program.