Student exchange programs in Canada

Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than Canada, where you can take part in an exchange program and live among Canadians. Our people are friendly, and our lifestyle is envied by many. Canada is a safe country that embraces cultural diversity. Our wide-open spaces and cosmopolitan cities are all waiting to be explored. So, pack your bags!

Exchange programs may take place over several weeks, months or up to a full year. Many offer opportunities to live with Canadian families while you attend language school, high school, college or university.

Rich with diversity and opportunity

Whether you want to immerse yourself or your child in a new language, or simply experience another part of the world, we have exchange programs to suit every need and budget. Choose from our high school, university and summer exchange programs, and experience all the wonders Canada has to offer.

Endless possibilities

There are many exchange programs available to you if you wish to study in Canada and immerse yourself in the culture. Most are run by non-profit organizations and private sector companies, which you can locate through a search online.

The Government of Canada offers International Experience Canada, a program that allows youth from certain countries in the world to travel and work in Canada on a working holiday, as a young professional or on an international co-op placement.

Cost of student exchange programs in Canada

The costs of student exchange programs vary depending on the organization offering the programs and their fee structure. You may use an educational agent to help you find an exchange program for your child to attend school in Canada.

If you are interested in doing a semester or year in Canada as a college or university student, use our search tool to locate programs and schools that fit your career aspirations. It will provide you with the estimated costs for tuition and living expenses.

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