Work and immigration

Postsecondary institutions in Canada offer many programs that allow you to acquire practical skills through internships and co-operative programs. In this way, you can acquire work experience as a student, which increases your employability and allows you to develop a professional network before even entering the job market. International students are encouraged to continue their professional path in Canada through various programs and visas for which they may be eligible

Work and Study in Canada

Gain valuable work experience and increase your employability through student employment. Working in Canada also helps you establish a professional network and can help you stay in Canada after graduation.

Internships and co-operative learning

Many Canadian postsecondary institutions offer internships to enhance the program with real-life work experience. Typically, students spend alternating semesters in the classroom and applying that knowledge through on-the-job work in their field of study.

Work and stay in Canada after graduation

Gaining valuable work experience in Canada after graduation can go a long way towards helping you permanently immigrate here. There are programs to facilitate this process for eligible candidates.