Accommodation options

There are two safe and welcoming accommodation options available for international students who do not have a parent, relative or family friend who will be residing with them while they study in Canada:

  • Living with a Canadian host family
  • Residing and learning on campus at a boarding school

As a parent, rest assured that with either choice your child will be well cared for and supervised during their study abroad experience!

Canadian host family

Homestay programs allow international students over the age of 12 to live with a carefully selected and well-matched Canadian host family while attending school. Living with a Canadian host family provides your child with the opportunity to become fully immersed in Canadian culture and language.

Host families provide a furnished private bedroom, three meals per day and snacks, as well as providing ‘parental’ support, an introduction to the local community, including recreational activities. An international student truly becomes a part of the family while living in homestay.

Boarding school environment

At boarding school, your child will live and learn on campus with the support of devoted and responsible staff who will provide supervision and guidance in a safe and nurturing environment.

Students receive a place to stay, meals and snacks, access to recreational activities and guidance with their schoolwork from teachers. It’s an opportunity to make lifelong friendships and develop a sense of self-reliance.