After your studies

As an international student, graduating from a Canadian high school is not only a great academic accomplishment; it can also be your first step to eventually stay and work in Canada.

Canada has many programs to help you pursue post-secondary education in Canada, and to stay and work after graduating from a Canadian college or university.

Continue your studies with post-secondary education

Once you’ve completed your high school education, it doesn’t mean that your time in Canada needs to end. With a Canadian high school diploma, you will be well prepared for Canadian college or university should you choose to continue your adventure here.

Colleges and universities in Canada offer a wide variety of post-secondary study programs, allowing you to choose the one that’s right for you and that will help you get your career started.

Work in Canada after your studies

Do you want to stay in Canada after you graduate from college or university? You might want to transition into a career in Canada. Learn about opportunities to work or even immigrate to Canada after your post-secondary studies.