Live and work - Master’s and PhD studies in Canada

Canada is continuously ranked as one of the best countries to live in. Now more than ever, international graduate students around the world are discovering the benefits of pursuing their studies in Canada.

Gaining valuable work experience in Canada during and after your studies can go a long way towards helping you establish business contacts for the future, and even help you temporarily work or permanently immigrate to Canada after graduation.

Student life

What will your life be like as an international graduate student in Canada? You will benefit from a safe, inclusive, respectful and welcoming society.

There’s so much to see and do in Canada. Beyond natural beauty and fun outdoor adventures, there are thousands of vibrant cities and fascinating towns to explore. You’ll discover food inspired by cuisines from around the world; fresh seafood on Canada’s coasts; wines and craft beers made with care; and music that reflects the diversity of Canada.

Work during your studies

Did you know that as an international student in Canada you may be eligible to work on or off campus while you study? In addition, many Canadian colleges and universities offer co-op and internship programs so that students can gain relevant work experience in their field of study.

Work after graduation

There are a number of programs that can help facilitate the process of working in Canada after graduation for eligible candidates. For information on options available to you after completing your studies, visit EduCanada’s page on working after graduation.

Permanent residency and immigration

Did you know that international students can apply for permanent residence once they have completed their studies? With its multiculturalism and job opportunities, Canada is proud of its openness and could not be the country that it is without immigration. International students are encouraged to stay and to continue their professional path as employees or as entrepreneurs through the various programs and visas for which they are eligible. Learn more about paths to permanent residency in Canada and immigration.