Highlights from two key events of the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program

June 2, 2017 – The Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) is a Global Affairs Canada scholarship program that provides students from Latin America and the Caribbean with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels in Canada. Under ELAP, Global Affairs Canada funds two signature events each year: a collaboration mission and a study tour.

The ELAP Collaboration mission is an opportunity for post-secondary institution representatives, from the Caribbean and Latin America, to participate in a mission to Canada to create partnerships with Canadian institutions that lead to increased bilateral student mobility and joint research projects. The ELAP Study tour provides a group of select graduate students with the opportunity to attend a one week tour in Ottawa on key priority areas.

2016 ELAP Collaboration mission

A delegation of 16 senior officials, from 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries, participated in the 9th edition of the ELAP Collaboration mission. The Mission focused on tourism education and its related areas. As a result of this Mission, 11 institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements have been signed, 17 are currently being negotiated and another 14 are being explored.

2016 ELAP Collaboration mission delegates in front of the Giant lobster sculpture in Shediac, New Brunswick

Front row (left to right): Adela Davalos Gutierrez, Rodolfo Rodriguez Betancourth, Giovanni Baez, Laura Diaz-Arnesto Larre, Dayni Deysi Diaz Mederos, Beatriz Salazar Fuentes, Gina Roman de Marquinez.
Back row (left to right):  Sergio Villatoro Hernandez, Omar Ortiz, José Cyrano Ruiz Cabarrus, Lorenzo Wong Lam, Nicholas Hardy, Monica Garcia Pardo, Claire Sutherland, Iselys Gonzalez Lopez, Robert William Robertson, Daniel Denis, Chantal Bolduc.

2017 ELAP Study tour

A group of 30 ELAP graduate scholarship recipients, from 7 Latin American and Caribbean countries, took part in the 2017 ELAP Study tour, held in the framework of Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Tour covered four priority themes including youth, the environment, reconciliation with Aboriginal Peoples, and inclusiveness and diversity.

The students visited Operation Come Home, Algonquin College, the House of Commons, the Supreme Court of Canada, the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of History and Global Affairs Canada. They attended presentations about Canada’s relation to the Americas, green and sustainable architecture, immigration, human rights, youth engagement and reconciliation with Aboriginal Peoples. Participants also met with senior officials from the federal government and non-profit organizations, and diplomatic representatives of their home countries in Canada. Finally, the 2017 ELAP Study tour participants are featured in a video in which they share their experiences of ELAP and explain why international students should participate in an academic exchange with Canada.

2017 ELAP Study tour participants in front of the Parliament in Ottawa

Front row (left to right): Jamile de Campos Coleti, Bruna Parapinski Dos Santos, Hinayah Rojas de Oliveira, Carlos Magno Neves, Andres Mauricio Jacome Garcia, Ana Rocio Jouli.
Second row (left to right): Stefania Arango Cuartas, Leevun Solomon, Gabriela Ulmo Diaz, Daniel Holanda Noronha, Pedro D’Angelo da Costa, Mariana da Rosa Martins, Queliane Gomes da Silva Carvalho, Nicholas Hardy, Matheus Fernandes Torquato.
Third row (left to right): Chantal Bolduc, Gonzalo Matias Ronda, Luis Andres Gonzalez, Vinicius Carnelossi Da Cunha, Daniel Melo Ribeiro, Fernando Leonel Conde, Marcela Soledad Mendez, Raul Aguilera Calderon.
Back row (left to right): Jorge Alonso Becerra Sanchez, Neisser Pino Romero, Guillermo Armando Corona Herrera, Javier Porro Suardíaz, Laura Liliana Plazas Ruiz, Bruna Camargo Soldera, Viviane Cabral Bengezen, Rodrigo Fessel Sega, Tenmy Johan Carrasco Monzon.

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