Testimonial: Carolina I. Miño

Emerging Leaders of the Americas Program (ELAP) Awardee (2009)

University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus (Genetics, PhD)

My experience in Canada, through the Emerging Leaders in the Americas (ELAP) scholarship, allowed me to visit a prestigious university and work together with renowned researchers and colleagues. During my stay at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan campus, I was at all times kindly treated and supported by friendly people whom helped me to make my way through the university life. Campus life seemed easy and very well organized to me.

The ELAP program helped me gain knowledge and practical experience with up-to-date technologies and opened the door for me to many great research facilities. I spent six months studying and doing research in a culturally diverse campus in which I saw and got to know people from all over the world. I was very impressed by the welcoming environment, the variety of academic programs and the good quality of teachers and courses. Canada is an amazing country in which different cultures merge together, giving rise to a beautiful society, in which diversity is greatly appreciated. The ELAP program also allowed me to get to know people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and to strengthen bonds with colleagues from other countries in Latin America. Through this scholarship, the Canadian government gave me a unique opportunity to expand my academic and professional network and this contributed, and will certainly continue to do so, with the development of my career as a researcher. The abilities I acquired in my specific field of research during the time I spent in Canada will be rewarding for my entire academic life. I will always be grateful to Canada.