Testimonial: Laura Beltina Leon

Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program Awardee (2019-2020)

University of Manitoba (Molecular Biology, PhD)

Laura Beltina LeonHaving been awarded an ELAP scholarship is one of the best opportunities I have ever had. The scholarship allowed me to perform research in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Manitoba where I am acquiring new laboratory skills and cutting-edge knowledge in my field.

Before arriving in Canada, I had high expectations about what day-to-day life would be like. Indeed, my experience has been even better than I imagined. Everybody in and out of the university has been very friendly and willing to help me. The people in my department, the professor, and my laboratory colleagues deserve a special mention. They have warmly welcomed me and integrated me into the group in a natural way that makes me feel right at home. They have helped me realize my own abilities, taught me new techniques with great dedication, and allowed me to develop my project independently. The exchange of ideas and debates have been wonderful!

The cultural diversity in Canada caught my attention right away. I loved that I could learn something new about another country every day just by having lunch with my lab mates. I realized that engaging and connecting with people from different backgrounds nourished me and made me a better person.  

I am very grateful for this experience, which has given me new professional skills, opened my mind, and expanded my future by exposing me to world-class science. To anyone who wants to improve their CV and grow as a person, I highly recommend becoming an ELAP scholar!

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