Testimonial: Lisa Warnecke

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Awardee (2010)

University of Winnipeg (postdoctoral research in Ecophysiology)

There are three main reasons which made me decide to work and live in Canada: Research opportunities, scientific networking and the great outdoors. Firstly, I was offered an excellent scientific research opportunity by my host institute. I am interested in the physiological and behavioural strategies that small mammals employ to cope with challenging habitats. My postdoctoral position at the University of Winnipeg enabled me to undertake applied research on an urgent conservation issue.

I am studying the hibernation energetics of bats in relation to a recently discovered disease, the “White-Nose Syndrome”, which is a serious threat to North America’s bat populations and will have wide-ranging effects on biodiversity as well as agricultural pest control.

Secondly, I chose to come to Canada because of my scientific contacts and the great opportunity of expanding my international network of peers. After graduating in Biology in Germany, I travelled to Australia to conduct my PhD research on the ecophysiology of small arid zone marsupials. It was a contact that I made during my time in Australia who offered me the postdoctoral position in Canada. This shows that international collaborations are essential in the scientific community and particularly for young researchers like me it is important to establish a network of contacts. I have found that meeting and working with new colleagues from other countries is an invaluable opportunity for exchanging ideas and concepts. The third reason is the fact that Canada has always attracted me as a country to visit with its beautiful wilderness and wildlife. While providing me with an opportunity to explore vast open spaces and observe fascinating animals that are perfectly adapted to the often harsh conditions, it also offers a high quality of life and excellent research facilities. Furthermore, it offers a safe and friendly atmosphere in which to work and live and I am very much looking forward to the remaining time ahead.