Testimonial: Dr. Nicholas J. Minter

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Awardee (2010)

University of Saskatchewan (postdoctoral research on Animal-Sediment Interactions)

I was attracted to do research in Canada by the opportunity to work in another country and to experience a different culture. Canada is home to world-class universities and facilities.

My research interests are in animal-sediment interactions and how animal behaviour has evolved and modified sediments through time and, in turn, how this has driven the evolution of these animals, their behaviour, and the make-up of ecosystems.

This is a very interdisciplinary area of research, drawing upon palaeontology, sedimentology and behavioural ecology. Canada is a hotbed for this area of research, with the vast majority of researchers in the world being found in universities across the country. It is therefore the perfect place to be to facilitate networking and to build collaborations in setting up for the future.

I have found Canada to be a very friendly and safe country and many of the cities have a very international feel. Whether it be a snowy day with blue skies in Saskatoon or a trip to the lakes and mountains of the Rockies, Canada is a truly stunning place to be.