Testimonials of international scholarship recipients from Europe

Discover how international scholarships have changed the lives of recipients from Europe. Find out what they have to say about their experience in Canada and where they are now!

Dr. Tom Fahey from Ireland – Flaherty Visiting Professorship (2015)

University of Toronto and University of British Columbia (Visiting Professor in Family Medicine)

Travelling to Canada as a James M. Flaherty Visiting Professor enabled me to meet and present at academic meetings in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. I established academic collaborations for undergraduate research placements and postgraduate training in academic family medicine.

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Dr. Nicholas J. Minter from the United Kingdom - Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Awardee (2010)

University of Saskatchewan (postdoctoral research on Animal-Sediment Interactions)

I was attracted to do research in Canada by the opportunity to work in another country and to experience a different culture. Canada is home to world-class universities and facilities.

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Sergey Lobanov from Russia - Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Awardee (2010)

University of British Columbia (postdoctoral research on Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater Streams

The Government of Canada Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDRF) provides enough time and resources to fulfill research work on a high quality level. I was very pleased that fellowship managers were always ready to assist me in every step of my application process as well as after my arrival to Canada. My success in the application for PDRF gave me the great opportunities for my development as a good scientist.

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Lisa Warnecke from Germany - Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Awardee (2010)

University of Winnipeg (postdoctoral research in Ecophysiology)

There are three main reasons which made me decide to work and live in Canada: Research opportunities, scientific networking and the great outdoors. Firstly, I was offered an excellent scientific research opportunity by my host institute. I am interested in the physiological and behavioural strategies that small mammals employ to cope with challenging habitats.

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