Testimonial: Sergey Lobanov

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Awardee (2010)

University of British Columbia (postdoctoral research on Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater Streams

The Government of Canada Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDRF) provides enough time and resources to fulfill research work on a high quality level. I was very pleased that fellowship managers were always ready to assist me in every step of my application process as well as after my arrival to Canada. My success in the application for PDRF gave me the great opportunities for my development as a good scientist.

Further promotion of my career requires comprehensive collaboration with scientists, who work in the same area of research interests as my one. The research group I joined is one of the major teams internationally esteemed for their research on nutrient recovery processes and the only major program in North America working on all aspects of nutrient removal and recovery. That gives me a great pleasure and experience to work with them. Our collaboration will promote my career on international level. In the future, this experience will be essential in promotion of our new ideas among Russian industries and I hope this will contribute to scientific collaboration between Russian Federation and Canada and bring more Russian scientists to work in Canada as well as Canadians to work in Russia.