Culture shock

When you arrive in Canada, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a new culture every day. Culture shock refers to the feelings people experience as they integrate into a new society. It happens because you are cut off from familiar things and people, and the social networks that made you feel at home in your country.

Culture shock is normal. Everyone will experience it.

Tips for managing culture shock

  • Learn about Canadian culture before you leave home.
  • Use the Internet to research culture shock and how to manage your adjustment to a new country.
  • Pack some things from your country that will remind you of home when you are missing your family and friends.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure of something.
  • Get involved in group events, student clubs, sports or other activities in Canada.
  • Try new experiences and be open to new ideas.
  • Talk to other international students about their life in Canada.
  • Use the professional support services available to you at your college or university.
  • Remember that everyone adapts at their own pace to life in a new country. Take the time to adapt to your new life in Canada.