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What is Quantum Technology: In Summary

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Quantum Technology in Summary

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Institut quantique, University of Sherbrooke

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University of Sherbrooke
Dr. Mathieu Juan

Dr. Mathieu Juan: Quantum science, for me, I would say is the study of phenomena which will very often happen in the infinitely small.

We are going to look at very, very small things, so single atoms, single photons, that sort of thing.

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Footage courtesy of: Institut quantique, University of Sherbrooke

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The Institute for Quantum Science and Technology
The University of Calgary

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University of Calgary
Dr. Barry Sanders

Dr. Barry Sanders: The way I think about quantum science is it’s kind of like the Constitution for the laws of the universe.

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Institute for Quantum Computing
The University of Waterloo

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University of Waterloo
Dr. Norbert Lütkenhaus

Dr. Norbert Lütkenhaus: Quantum information is really a new paradigm.

Quantum mechanics itself is something that we have, of course, known for a hundred years.

Quantum science led to transformational discoveries such as the transistor, the laser, brain scans at hospitals, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What we're trying to do now is to create what we call, “The Second Quantum Revolution”.

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Quantum computers, with software/algorithms tied in with quantum computing. Secured quantum communication, sensors, and quantum materials as an underpinning capability to be able to deliver on these.

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