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EduCanada.ca is the official Government of Canada website for international students looking to study in Canada! We’re here to help you search for study programs, get cost estimates, apply for scholarships and plan your life in Canada.

On our website, we help you find information about Canada’s endless possibilities:

  • a diverse, inclusive, high-quality and one-of-a-kind study and work environment
  • world-class programs or fields of study
  • ways to experience the richness of Canadian culture, social life, travel adventures and our climate
  • scholarships and work opportunities to help make your education more affordable
  • to make your dream of a successful career a tangible a reality in Canada or your home country

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International Education Strategy

Learn about Canada’s International Education Strategy.


The international education division

The International Education Division of Global Affairs Canada seeks to enhance Canada’s profile abroad and attract international students to Canadian education institutions (universities, colleges, language schools, elementary and secondary schools) by:

  • promoting Canada as a study destination or education partner to international audiences
  • facilitating relations and services between the federal government, provinces, territories, associations and Canadian missions abroad in education promotion
  • coordinating education promotion efforts through the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service 
  • delivering international scholarship opportunities for international candidates to study in Canada and for Canadians to study abroad

The EduCanada brand

The EduCanada brand is a collaborative partnership between Global Affairs Canada and Canada’s provinces and territories through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC).

The EduCanada brand:

  • promotes the high-quality education offerings of Canada’s provinces and territories
  • is an official mark of the Government of Canada and is a protected trademark, registered in over 100 countries around the world
  • is used prominently at education promotion events organized and attended by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Canada and around the world

Eligible Canadian institutions and community partners can find information on the brand on the EduCanada Extranet.