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Learn English or French in Canada 

When you choose to study in one of Canada’s 190+ accredited language programs, you are making an investment in your future. Canada is an officially bilingual country, committed to excellence in English and French. This makes it a natural choice for language education.

Canada's language programs are designed to give you the communication skills needed to succeed in:

Language proficiency is also a key factor for admissions to Canadian universities and colleges.

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Did you know?

More than 150,000 international students choose to study at one of Canada’s accredited language schools each year.

Why study languages in Canada?

Study English and French in Canada


Standard of excellence

Canada has invested heavily in second language education, both in English and in French. All accredited language programs are members of Languages Canada - the national association of language programs. This ensures every school meets high standards and operates with integrity.

An immersive experience

Studying languages in Canada is not just a learning experience, but also an exciting adventure! Canada's friendly and inclusive culture means the learning extends far beyond the classroom. You can practice English or French while exploring a beautiful country and creating lifelong friendships.

Learning adapted to your needs

When you study languages in Canada, you benefit from:

Study and stay flexibility

In Canada, there are over 190 accredited language programs available for you to choose from. These programs will help you achieve your language goals.

Canadian language schools understand that everyone has unique preferences and learning styles.

With many options, you can choose a language study program that is right for you – from 2-weeks, to several months and more! Additionally, you can decide whether you want to learn in a traditional classroom setting or through online courses.

Types of language programs

Language programs in Canada include:


Whether you are studying in a city, in a rural community or somewhere in between, there are housing options If you don't have a friend or relative to stay with while studying in Canada, you may choose to live:

No matter what you choose, you will experience Canada’s vibrant culture and immerse yourself in your language of study.

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