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Study quantum technologies in Canada

Study Quantum Science and Technology in Canada


Innovative research and career opportunities

Canada is a world leader in quantum research and development across quantum science specializations. In the coming years, Canada’s quantum industries are set to grow significantly. Quantum science students, scientists and researchers will be able to take advantage of increasing opportunities. By studying in Canada, you could work with renowned researchers in top facilities and contribute to innovative breakthroughs. Canada also offers many pathways to stay after graduation to build your career.

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Why study quantum technologies in Canada

Canada has the highest per - capita quantum research investments among G7 nations.

McKinsey, 2019

Canada ranks in the top 10 in the world for contributions to scientific literature on quantum technologies.

Roland Berger, 2021

The quantum sector is expected to be a $139 billion global industry with more than 200,000 jobs by 2045.

National Research Council Canada, 2020

Canadian quantum innovations

After your studies, consider staying in Canada to join the world’s most educated workforce. Canada’s quantum industries have a strong track-record for innovation. You could collaborate with academic and industry leaders. Several companies achieved remarkable quantum industry firsts in Canada:

1QBit: First company dedicated to producing commercial applications for quantum computers (2015). Guided by industrial partnerships with a focus on making large-scale AI affordable and energy efficient using quantum engineering.

D-Wave: First commercial supplier of quantum computers (2011) unique in building quantum annealing and gate-model quantum computers. Recently unveiled its sixth generation machine and cloud-based quantum services delivery (2022).

SBQuantum: Developing an advanced magnetic field sensing based on quantum diamond magnetometers and interpretation algorithms. Building a satellite solution to maintain the World Magnetic Model for navigation.

Xanadu:Launched first dedicated machine learning software for quantum computers (2018). Demonstrated photonic quantum computing capacity to deliver results faster than any other existing supercomputer (2022).

Anyon Systems: Leading provider of integrated superconducting universal quantum computers. Recently developed unique technologies involving the full vertical hardware stack of a quantum computer.

Leading institutions across Canada

You can choose from a variety of quality institutions across Canada based on your expertise and interests. Find out what makes them leaders in quantum:

University of Calgary

On track to launch the world’s first professional master’s degree in quantum computing starting in September 2023.

McGill University

Recently ranked Canada’s best university and second most international university in Canada by QS World University Rankings (2022).

University of Toronto

Home to the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control (CQIQC), a world class collaborative research centre.

University of Sherbrooke

Many opportunities for students at the Quantum Institute, an interdisciplinary research institute in quantum science.

McMaster University

Canada's most extensive array of infrastructure for single crystal growth of quantum materials can be found at their Centre for Crystal Growth (CCG).

University of Waterloo

Graduate students can find unique opportunities in quantum information through advanced research projects and courses at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC).

Simon Fraser University

Working to build quantum technologies using silicon at the Silicon Quantum Technology Lab. If successful, this platform will be used not only to make a quantum computer but also to make provably secure quantum communication, quantum sensors, and more.

Montreal Polytechnic

Their Polyquantique research group collaborates with experts across Canada and abroad on the intersection of quantum photonics and information.

Investing in Canada’s quantum future

Quantum science and technology are long standing priorities in Canada. The Government of Canada is making investments to strengthen Canada’s leadership in quantum industries. Studying in Canada will open doors to opportunities with companies, research labs, academic institutions and incubators within Canada’s growing quantum sector.

In Budget 2021, Canada invested $360 million over seven years to launch a National Quantum Strategy. The strategy aims to:

About quantum science

Quantum science is the study, manipulation and control of systems at the atomic and subatomic level. Quantum technologies are at the leading edge of science and innovation, both in Canada and worldwide. They will support the growth and transformation of key sectors, enable new economic opportunities and help advance a range of benefits for society.

Canada’s quantum subsectors:

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