Testimonials of international scholarship recipients

Receiving an international scholarship to study or conduct research in Canada or abroad can be a life changing experience. Some of the world’s best and brightest have had the opportunity to discover endless possibilities through scholarships, fellowships and other funding opportunities made available by Global Affairs Canada and other government of Canada departments and agencies.

Read past scholarship recipients’ testimonials and discover how international scholarships have changed their lives.

Testimonials of Canadians who studied abroad

"International and inter-cultural competencies are becoming essential in our globally linked world, and studying and living in THE emerging power of the current globe is one of the best ways of acquiring those, and of thus launching your career full of ongoing challenges and impact."

Paul Brennan, Canada

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Testimonials of non-Canadians who studied in Canada

"This program has positively transformed me as a student. It has also transformed me as an individual and reinforced my sense of purpose in peace work and education, and my belief that we all have a responsibility and a daily role to play in building safer, more just, progressive, and humane communities."

Mavis Matenge, Botswana

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