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Plan your studies in Canada

Find all the information you need to plan your studies as an international student in Canada. is your go-to source for information on Canada’s education system, scholarships, life in Canada and more!

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Before your studies

Start your research to find what you need to know before your studies, including permits and visas, housing and more.

During your studies

Find information and resources to help you succeed during your studies in Canada.

After your studies

Do you want to stay in Canada after you graduate? Learn how you can live and work in Canada.

5 steps to study in Canada

Explore the 5 key steps to follow to get ready to make Canada your study destination.

Canada’s education system

Learn about the education system in Canada from elementary schools to colleges and universities.

International student wellness

Learn about support services, programs and resources you can access as an international student in Canada, including mental health support.

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Find a scholarship

Find out whether you’re eligible for a Canadian scholarship for your studies, research or professional development.

Canada’s Alumni Network

Connect with Canadian alumni living abroad by joining our vibrant community, where graduates from diverse Canadian institutions come together to foster global connections.

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