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After your studies in Canada

Once you’ve graduated, it's time to plan for your next step. Whether you decide to continue studying or start your career, you’ll find opportunities for your future in Canada.

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Work after your studies

Learn about the different types of permits and programs available for international students to work in Canada after graduation.

Paths to permanent residency and immigration

If you’re hoping to settle in Canada after your studies, find paths to permanent residency and immigration.

Explore careers

Get information about jobs, growing industries and how to plan your career in Canada.

Common pathways to college and university in Canada

Canada's education system is flexible. Discover all the paths you can take to achieve your goals.

Canada’s Alumni Network

Connect with alumni of Canadian institutions who are living abroad. Join a vibrant community to create global connections and celebrate your shared educational experience.

Understand Canada’s education system

Looking to keep studying? Find more education options:

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Search colleges and universities

Discover programs across Canada based on your interests and find out what each will cost you.

Student stories

Discover the many reasons why international students choose to study in Canada.

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Choose your country to find customized information about studying in Canada.

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