International student wellness

Studying in a new country can be overwhelming. When you study in Canada, you have access to support programs and resources.

Find resources through your school

Many institutions offer services and programs on campus to help students find the help they need. Your school may be able to help you with:

  • academic study and writing advice
  • financial aid and scholarships
  • finding housing or accommodation
  • finding work on or off campus
  • networking, mentorship and meeting other students

You may also have access to other services to support you such as:

  • academic advisors
  • health and mental health services
  • international student centres or offices
  • legal aid clinics
  • student unions
  • writing centres

Contact your institution to find out which services are available to you.

Find support in Canada

Mental health support in Canada

Provincial and territorial resources

↕ Alberta
↕ British Columbia
↕ Manitoba
↕ New Brunswick
↕ Newfoundland and Labrador
↕ Northwest Territories
↕ Nova Scotia
↕ Nunavut
↕ Ontario
↕ Prince Edward Island
↕ Quebec
↕ Saskatchewan
↕ Yukon

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