The alumni experience

When you graduate from a Canadian school, college or university, you’ll become known as an alumnus of that school. It’s a Latin word frequently used in the Canadian education system. The term alumni refers to a group of students who have graduated from the same school.

Alumni stories from international students

Make meaningful connections that span the globe

Going to Canada was the best decision of my life. My time at Ivey also gave me great friendships: my classmates became friends and family after two years of living and studying together. When I decided to move back to China in 2008, I found my current job through my Ivey alumni network.

Judy Liu, China
Richard Ivey School of Business at University of Western Ontario: MBA (2005)
Senior BD Manager, Atkins

An eye-opening experience

“The student exchange program at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, funded by the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program (CCSP), was more than just education, and was definitely an eye opener for me with several social and cultural experiences that I will forever cherish. It is amazing how only four months turned my life around and enhanced my intellectual growth, academic and professional network.”

Sarah Kiden, Uganda
Saint Mary’s University: Student exchange program in MSc Information Systems CCSP (2011)

Dedicated to international students

The college staff and professors were very supportive of international students, attentive and patient with our grammatical mistakes and language issues. International students were treated as equals, which helped us integrate ourselves in the school environment.

Back in Brazil, my Canadian diploma was recognized by employers as Canada has one of the best educational system in the world.

I work today for a big compa ny from São Paulo and I believe my Canadian diploma, my English skills and my experience abroad helped me in getting hired.

Paula Funk Szinvelski, Brazil
Vancouver Community College: Diploma in Interior Design (2010)

International student stories

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International scholarships recipient stories

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International Scholarship Alumni newsletter

The Government of Canada Scholars’ Alumni Association (GCSAA) publishes an electronic newsletter periodically for former scholarship recipients to facilitate their professional and personal ties with Canada. The newsletter provides information on scholarship opportunities, news about research and professional events in Canada.

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Tips to connect with

After graduation, you may plan to stay in Canada to work. Maybe you’ll enroll in a new course of study here. As you begin a new phase of your life, the friends that walked beside you on the way to graduation can become important to your career path. Stay connected with your alumni network.

  • Create a profile on LinkedIn. Be sure to list all of the schools you attended. You can search for and connect with alumni from your Canadian school.
  • Join your alumni association. Every school, college and university has one. Connect with them online and provide them your contact information so you can get updates from your school.
  • Attend alumni events. These are great opportunities for networking with old friends or people who attended your school.
  • Join social networks for alumni. Your school, college or university will have alumni groups online. Check LinkedIn, Facebook and other networks to join and reconnect with your old classmates.