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Scholarships: Canada-Brazil

Looking to fund your studies in Canada? Both Brazil and Canada offer scholarships to help students pursue their education. Educational institutions in both countries may offer their own scholarships based on academic merit or other criteria. Some Brazilian states, such as Pernambuco, Maranhão and Paraíba, offer funding for selected K-12 students to study in public schools abroad.

Featured scholarships

  • Through inter-institutional partnerships, Canada’s Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) offers short-term exchange scholarships of up to 6 months to Brazilian students for study and research at Canadian post-secondary institutions. Canadian institutions must submit applications on behalf of students. Contact your home institution to learn more.
  • Brazil’s CNPq offers master’s and PhD scholarships.
  • State governments in Brazil offer scholarships through state research foundations, such as FAPESP in São Paulo and FAPERJ (Portuguese only) in Rio de Janeiro.

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Search other scholarships for non-Canadian students and postdoctoral researchers open to Brazilian students.

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