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Featured programs for Moroccan students

Why do so many students from Morocco choose Canada as a study destination? Because of the Canadian education system‘s modern facilities, high-quality professors and globally recognized accreditations. Studying in Canada can be a life-changing experience that leads to high-growth career opportunities.

How Canada’s education system works

Discover more about studying in Canada at our high-quality primary, secondary and post-secondary schools. Learn the differences and benefits of Canada’s post-secondary college and university school systems.

How Canada’s Education System Works


Language studies

You can study in French while developing English language skills in Canada. Building strong language skills in English and French can help you compete in the international job market.

By studying in Canada you can:

Learn more about language schools in Canada.

Elementary and high school programs

Looking to give your child the experience of a lifetime? Consider sending them to study in Canada. You can rest easy knowing that they will enjoy learning in a safe and inclusive environment.

Find out about elementary and high school programs in Canada.

For more details about studying in the Canadian province you are interested in, please visit:

Colleges and universities in Canada

In Canada, you can choose from either college or university studies. Whether you study a college or university program, you’ll be preparing for your future. Some students choose to pursue both college and university studies. Certain programs allow you to start your studies at a college and transfer your credits to a university degree, or vice-versa.

With hundreds of high-quality specialized programs across Canada, you can find the perfect program to start building your future. Canada’s world-class education system focusses on the student’s success. By studying at a College or University in Canada, you will receive a practical education that can help you compete in the job market right from graduation.

Co-operative education and internships

International students are often eligible to work while studying in Canada. Many colleges and universities in Canada offer hands-on learning opportunities like internships or co-operative education (co-op) programs. After graduating, you’ll have more than a degree or a diploma. You’ll have valuable Canadian work experience!

Study STEM in Canada

Looking to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills to compete in the job market? Canada is known for delivering a world-class education in STEM fields.

Study artificial intelligence in Canada

Study and do research at top institutions offering artificial intelligence and innovation programs across Canada. Join the world’s highest educated workforce and build a career in Canada.

Graduate programs

A graduate degree from a Canadian university leads to a world of opportunities. Pursuing a master’s, PhD or other doctoral degree gives you access to world-class research facilities under the mentorship of internationally-recognized professors. Canadian graduate studies can be a great investment towards your future.

Interested in postdoctoral research? Postdoctoral opportunities can be found by:

Strong research opportunities

Canadian colleges and universities are home to world-class research labs and facilities. You’ll also get to learn from internationally-renowned professors.

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