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Professional certifications in Canada

Canadian colleges and professional associations offer pathways to professional and career certification in a vast range of fields of work from accounting to education, financial planning, health care, information technology, legal, project management and much more.

Benefits of a professional certification in Canada

Certification in Canada offers you practical knowledge, support and credibility to enhance your career both in Canada and abroad. It provides an important pathway to employment, placing you above your peers who may not be certified. Professional certification validates your expertise and often generates a higher salary.

Cost of professional certification in Canada

You’ll find professional certification programs available both in-person and online through distance education. Use our Search colleges & universities tool to locate the program you need and the cost for completing it.

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Admission requirements

Each career or professional certification program in Canada has its own policies and requirements for admission. To complete your certification in Canada, you must provide proof of your English or French language capabilities.

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