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Online and distance learning in Canada

If you want a Canadian education, but you’re unable to leave home for all or part of your studies, virtual studies may be the right option for you. Canada’s commitment to innovative and universal education has made us a leader in online learning and distance education. Thanks to technology, international students have never been closer to a Canadian education.

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Distance education allows international students like you to gain remote access to our world-class universities and colleges and learn from our renowned academic faculty. Virtual learning gives you the benefit of a Canadian education when you are unable to be physically present in the classroom. It also offers opportunities for flexible learning, often at your own time and pace.

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Many Canadian universities and colleges welcome international students into their online and distance education programs. Search for your academic program to find out whether you can complete part or all of your studies via distance education.

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Cost of online and distance education

Fees for online learning vary based on whether the program is part of a college diploma, bachelor’s degree or at the graduate studies level. Costs can also vary depending on the institution and program you choose. Use our search tool to calculate the costs of your distance education program.

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Language and academic requirements

You must have good French or English skills before you can participate in a Canadian online program. Language requirements can change depending on the program and the institution. Learn more about the language requirements of your program on the institution’s admissions page.

There may also be some academic or entrance requirements. Check with your chosen college or university to find out more. If you’ve completed part of your studies in your home country, you may be able to transfer credits to an online program at a Canadian institution.

How to enroll

To enroll, complete an application to the university or college you wish to attend as an online or distance student. If you have any questions, contact the international office at the Canadian institution you’re interested in applying to.

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