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Work in Canada as an international student

Many international students decide to work part-time while they attend university or college in Canada. Many begin to find local leads to a successful career after graduation. This section will lead you to information about working during and after your studies, wages in Canada, opportunities for your future career as well as advice to guide your job search and work life.

Work while studying

Do you want to make some money while completing your studies in Canada? International students are often eligible for part-time work.

Work while studying

Work after your studies

International graduates from eligible Canadian universities and colleges may work in Canada with a work permit and can also apply for permanent residence.

Work in Canada after your studies

Permanent residency and immigration

If you’re hoping to settle in Canada after your studies, this information on paths to permanent residency and immigration will tell you what you need to know.

Paths to permanent residency and immigration

Explore careers in Canada

The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing and establishing your professional career in Canada. Learn about starting a career here.

Explore careers in Canada

Finding work in Canada

Looking for a job? We offer tips and information to help you find work in Canada—either as a student or young professional.

Finding work in Canada

Work in Canada: Tips and facts

There’s so much to know about the job market and rules around employment when you move to a new country. We give you the tips and information you need to get started.

Work in Canada: Tips and facts