EduCanada: New International Education in Canada Brand - Transcript

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[Uplifting music plays in the background]

[An airplane is hitting the runway as it lands in Canada]

[Various beautiful images of Canada’s nature and city life are displayed]

Speaker 1: When you think of endless possibilities what do you think of?

[Students walking through university campuses, studying and attending their classes]

Speaker 2: We think of potential.

Speaker 1: We think of self-fulfillment.

[A group of students socializing and laughing]

Speaker 2: And we think of the freedom to choose a life and future on our own terms.

[People on a tour bus in Toronto]

Speaker 1: We think of cultural diversity…

[People celebrating at a multicultural festival]

Speaker 1: endless horizons…

[A person standing at the top of the Canadian Rockies]

Speaker 1: and infinite opportunities.

Speaker 2: And we think of here…

[Images of different Canadian university campuses are displayed]

Speaker 2: and here…

[Images of different Canadian college campuses are displayed]

Speaker 2: …and of here.

[Students studying and socializing on campus]

[Students walking through campus hallways, attending classes and labs]

Speaker 2: These are the places where students from around the world come to be challenged… to grow… and to immerse themselves in a rich and high quality learning environment.

[Students working with technology in fields of computer science, design and aviation manufacturing]

[Images of Canada’s greenery is displayed]

[Students in one of Canada’s forests doing hands on learning]

[Images of people skiing are displayed]

Speaker 1: It’s where you will find the visionaries, the innovators of tomorrow, the challenge-seekers, and the future leaders….

[University students taking part in group work]

[Ballerina dancing in a theatre]

Speaker 2: It is in these halls, these theatres and these labs that theory meets practice, and effort and action leads to real futures.

 [Students working in a lab with high-end technology]

Speaker 1: We believe that Canada is the best place in the world to get an education.

[Students smiling and laughing while exploring Canadian culture]

Speaker 1: Because no other place …

Speaker 1: offers such a world of possibilities.

[Students in graduation gowns smiling and laughing]

[The EduCanada brand logo slowly appears on screen]

EduCanada is a brand that supports the international education offer of Canadian provinces and territories.

The EduCanada brand is the result of collaboration between the provinces and territories through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, and Global Affairs Canada. It is a protected trademark of the Government of Canada and is subject to a Master Licence Agreement between the parties. Any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.