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Education agents

Some international students and their parents may choose to hire an education agent to help prepare for studying in Canada. An education agent, consultant or agency provides advice and placement assistance for international students who wish to study in Canada.

Education agents can be individuals or organizations located in Canada or abroad offering marketing, promotion, recruitment and other services in the education sector. Education agents are known by various titles such as student advisors, education consultants, counsellors or representatives.

It is important to note that education agents cannot provide advice on Canada’s immigration process. In 2011, the Government of Canada amended the Immigration and Refugee Act to make it illegal for anyone but an authorized representative (a person you name and who has the required skills and training) to charge fees to help people with immigration and refugee applications to Canada. This includes education agents.

The Government of Canada does not qualify, accredit, guarantee or endorse any particular agent. We recommend that each student research the background, experience and expertise of the agent; determine which Canadian institutions are authorizing their services; and seek references before engaging with an agent. Confirm directly with an institution of interest to determine authorization for agent representation.

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