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Assessing credentials and qualifications

Are you coming to Canada to study or sending your child to Canada? Getting your academic credentials and qualifications assessed is an important step to planning your education in Canada.

How Canadian schools assess international student qualifications

Elementary and secondary schools

Your new school in Canada will assess your child’s report card from your home country to place them in the correct grade of the Canadian system.

Language schools

Many schools will welcome you based on your desire to study. They will assess your skills when you arrive in Canada. Some language schools will ask you to provide the results of your TOEIC test.

Colleges and universities

Each college and university has its own system to assess credentials from your home country. You may need to provide documents or transcripts (translated to English or French) so your Canadian school can assess you.

Assessment for college and university studies in Canada

Some colleges and universities in Canada can assess your educational and professional credentials. In other cases, you’ll need to use an assessment service in Canada. They offer fee-based services to assist with:

Each Canadian college or university has its own rules about:

Please contact the Canadian college or university you wish to attend directly for details on how its assessment process works.

Assessment and credential bodies in Canada

The Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada consists of credential assessment services from across Canada. You can trust the service organizations listed on its website.

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials was set up by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. It provides colleges and universities with advice on how to assess international students’ credentials.

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